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New hope in fight against ash dieback – a tree called Betty

Posted: 16/05/16

There is some good news for the UK’s Ash trees as the fight against dieback continues. A team of researchers have identified some genetic markers in ash trees that have proven to be tolerant to the disease.

A great artcile piublished in The Independant explains the threat to the UK and how through selective breeding the hope is that we will soon be able to produce trees that are less susceptible to the ash dieback fungus.

The article states:

‘Scientists have made a “large first step” in efforts to tackle ash dieback by identifying the first UK tree with very high tolerance to the disease. Chalara ash dieback, which could kill millions of ash trees, was first identified in the UK in 2012, and experts fear it could have the same devastating impact on the country’s woodlands and landscape as Dutch elm disease did in the 1970s.’

You can continue reading more on The Independant website.