Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is an operation to reduce the crown of the tree in height and spread.

Crown reduction by means of shortening whilst retaining the original shape and framework of the tree can be a complicated operation. Ridleaves are dedicated to ensuring that the tree is reduced in a sensitive manner and to arboricultural best practice as set out in the British Standard – BS 3998:2010 Tree work Recommendations.

It is also important that the work is carried out in this fashion to promote the longevity of the tree. A badly pruned tree can cause further problems and extra work in the future. The process encourages healthy regrowth and reduces vigorous re-growth which can help in balancing out the weight of the tree.

Whilst also maintaining the overall health of the tree and ensuring that it is safe to its surrounding, by reducing the crown of the tree it can also improve the overall aesthetic value. One of the most common reasons for reducing the crown on a tree is to allow much more light to pass through making the surround area much lighter and enjoyable.

Ridleaves can carry out crown reduction works to your trees as required to a very high standard leaving a quality and aesthetically pleasing finish.