Felling is as it sounds, generally considered as the complete removal of a tree to ground level.

The method of tree removal can vary greatly depending on the individual tree and location, as included section felling where an arborist or climber can dismantle a tree in parts using ropes and rigging equipment or free fall techniques if the site allows.

Cutting down a tree can take a lot of work and planning. There are a lot of factors that we assess before starting on a project such as the height of the tree and its surrounding area. We use specialist equipment to ensure the safety of all those involved including the climber and the ground staff.

The team at Ridleaves can ensure that your tree is removed safely, efficiently and tidily to leave you able to use the space gained for whatever purpose you have planned.We are qualified to carry out projects on both a private and commercial basis so please let us know how we can help you.

We will also take care of all the legal obligations to ensure that all the correct procedures are fulfilled and the tree is removed without breeching any legislative protection