Crown Thinning and Crown Lifting is the process of reducing the density of a tree by selectively removing a combination of branches and stems.

The finished result will provide more sunlight through the tree and will open up a shaded area of a proper or garden. To gain more light a crown lift will also help to increase light through and around the tree.

The reduction of secondary branches will also lead to a reduction in the wind resistance of the tree which reduces the sail effect of the canopy and may therefore lower the likelihood of it falling in windy weather. The crown thinking will not alter the overall shape and size of the tree. It is worth noting that crown thinning is not a suitable treatment for conifers.

We have performed crown thinning on many trees in Salisbury and Wiltshire, examples of which are shown below. Crown thinning and lifting is a cost effective way to manage your green and prevent it from dominating an area of land.

Crown thinning Salisbury

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